Coprosma grandifolia   kanono/raurekau

Life Form:
Shrub - usually up to 6 metres.

Flowers Seeds Dispersal:
Birds eat the orange berries and carry the seeds around. Each fruit has two half round seeds

Damp, shady forest. Unlike its close relative karamu, Kanono will grow well in the shade of other trees and shrubs and prefers damp well sheltered sites, where it may grow as tall as 6 meters. Kanono can be distinguished from karamu by the larger leaves which often have a mottled appearance. Having the largest leaves of all the mainland coprosmas kanono best illustrates the distinctive domatia Small holes on the underside of the leaves and stipules joining the two leaves opposite each other on the stem. Like all Coprosmas kanono has separate male and female trees (dioecious). The delicate wind pollinated flowers appear in about April and the fruit appear the following February through to May. It is found throughout the North and South Islands